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Audiovisual Campaigns for Brands and Companies.
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Documentaries and Television

We tell stories for television and platforms.
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Corporate Videos

Corporate and Institutional Video with the Maximum Commitment to give Visibility to your Project.
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Photography Sessions and Reportage for Events, Social Networks and Brands.
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Streaming & Social Network

We make Broadcast for many Events for Any Platform and on Multicamera.
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Making of and Other Events.

We make Videos for a multitude of Events: Festivals, Movies, Concerts, Conferences.

We help you reach your audience

From our first meeting we take care of the entire creative process, from production to making the final video. Our video services are designed for all types of companies, business and personal brands. We work hand by hand with the company, brand or artist to develop a product that meets their criteria and goals.


Video Marketing

Brand and corporate video.

We make Advertising Spots, corporate video and video for companies either for TV or social networks. We are committed from the conception of the idea up to the final execution of the project.


Editing and Color Grading.

Using the latest technologies

We have editing, VFX, sound post-production and color grading services, thanks to the best technical resources to guarantee a suitable product for each project and with spectacular results.

Video with Drones

Sky is the limit

We have qualified drone operators who are experts in all kinds of spectacular recordings at the best price. Essential tool for video, film and television. Do not do without this tool to get great results in your videos.

Documentaries and Television

We are a young and independent film production company that is committed to documentaries and projects that aspire to be universal and deeply human stories. We are specialized in finding and telling stories that can be acquired and admired in any country in the world.

Mediterranean Islands

Why us?

Best film crew

We have the best technology in terms of video creation and post-production, to ensure that your content is up to date.

10 years of experience

In the last 10 years we have gained some experience with a multitude of professionals who have made us grow and improve every day.

Professional service

We are committed to obtaining the best result for your content and we will not end a project until you will consider yourself satisfied.


We carry out content and audiovisual campaigns for companies and individuals. Advertising, brand videos, corporate videos, e-commerce and a wide variety of services that we put at your disposal.

Clients & Partners


Find out more about our projects and the MadMoviex's world.

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Moto Guzzi “LA LLEGADA” es el primer capítulo de una serie que vamos a compartir y que esperamos resulte ser tan excitante para el espectador como lo está siendo para todos los que formamos parte del equipo Moto Guzzi & ClassicCo. y MadMoviex.

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350.000 Paladas El Documental producido por MadMoviex y que pronto se estrenará en La 2 de RTVE: Cuenta la aventura de los piragüistas Ramón Gutiérrez y Chema Talón. De León a Oporto... en piragua en 12 días y 350.000 paladas para llegar a la desembocadura del Duero.

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Capitulo 6 V2.00_00_47_10.Immagine005

Radio MARCA El leonés completó en tan sólo 12 días el reto junto a su compañero José Manuel Talón. Ramón Gutiérrez, el piragüista que hizo 600 kilómetros desde Riaño hasta Oporto por el medio ambiente.

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It was great to work with Madmoviex, very happy with the result, very professional people willing to work and contribute their art to the project they are involved in, making everything easy and with good energy. I would repeat without a doubt!

Juan Zurdo
Hipoteco Lacassa

We needed a good technical and artistic service for our products and in Madmoviex we found not only that but also a lack of desire to work and a friendly treatment. Thanks to Christian for his involvement in our project.

Lucas Baró
CEO Comando jaza

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The branded content audiovisual It is the best way to grow your business and generate more visibility for your products. Through this new form of visual marketing we will create great little stories so that the consumer connects with your brand and generates more empathy with your products. Fill in the form and ask us for more information.

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